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GK VanPatter speaks at conferences and events in the US and worldwide on a range of future-focused topics, including Accelerating Organization Adaptability, Inclusive Innovation Culture Building, Method meets Culture, Cocreation for Complexity and the Future of Design Thinking.


Recent conferences and talks include TeamLabs in Madrid,  Danish School of Media and Journalism Symposium in Copenhagen, RSD Symposium (Relating Systems Thinking and Design) in Oslo, The Design Management Institute in Chicago, University of Guadalajara in Mexico, amongst others.

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GK VanPatter enjoys working one-on-one with leaders and thinkers to make this topic come to life in a very practical way. GK will help you make sense of your specific situation and provide customized input to move to action. Sessions are in person or online. 

If you are inside a global company tasked with building a next generation version of Design Thinking or Innovation capacity, this would be perfect for you.

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Increase your team’s adaptability and innovation capacity towards future work skills with Humantific's skill-building Complexity Navigation Program and customized workshops.  


Moving away from assumption-boxed, discipline-specific challenge framing and towards mastery of open challenge framing is among the most important shifts articulated in the book. The workshop focuses on non-product/service/ experience design framing typical in conventional design thinking approaches. If you want to put into practice the fundamentals of this book on ReRethinking Design, this workshop is right up your alley. 



Complexity cannot be managed but it can be facilitated and navigated. We have created a comprehensive 3-week program designed for organizational leaders seeking to master Complexity Navigation Leadership Skills. The program is comprised of three modules taught from introductory to advanced levels: Strategic CoCreation, Visual SenseMaking and Design Research. 


We offer the full three-week program, typically taught in weekly segments, as well as shorter introductory modules or in-depth programs around each module. 

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GK VanPatter thrives in the research and education space, as our books showcase. He would be delighted to engage in research and educational projects with organizations and universities around the ReRethinking Design Thinking and Innovation space.

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